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A Party 68 Years In The Making.

In 1953, the Gamma Chapter was founded at 3256 Holdrege Street.
It later moved to 4013 Holdrege Street. And later still to 4001 Holdrege Street.
In 2021 the Gamma Chapter House will settle into a state-of-the-art fraternity house
at 3455 Holdrege Street that will serve generations to come.

And after 68 years it’s time to celebrate!

Save the date and plan to join your fellow AGS brothers and guests for a
Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, August 28.

Stuffy sit down dinner with too many presentations? Not a chance. We’re keeping this party casual with a large tent in the parking lot, a barbecue meal, plenty of cold beverages, a meaningful dedication ceremony, tours of the current and former fraternity houses and – most importantly – time spent with brothers and guests who you haven’t seen in a long time. All that, plus two massive video screens showing the Nebraska vs. Illinois game. It will be a great day and we hope you’ll join us!

Grand Opening Celebration Registration Form
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Grounded In

  • Study groups, intramural teams, and a variety of club involvements are all areas in which we work cohesively to achieve greater heights as a brotherhood.

  • The fraternity provides brothers not in blood, but in bond; countless genuine friendships, which grow into life-long relationships and opportunities.

  • By providing community and accountability, we help our members look after their mental, physical, and spiritual health through college’s many challenges.

  • We believe fairness throughout life is essential to success, which is why we consider this principle to be the pillar of all success.

  • Our Leadership Development Program, offices, committees, and campus involvements help prepare our members to adapt and prosper through life’s challenges.

  • The fraternity provides structure and guidance to young men, teaching them personal responsibility and respect for others.

  • In a society increasingly drawn toward short-term gratification, we teach true integrity through proper conduct and values.

  • Our members invest their resources (time, money, advice, and companionship) into this organization knowing that their efforts contribute to something greater than any individual.

  • We provide a professional environment and a multitude of resources and incentives to produce well-educated and highly-skilled individuals.

  • As college serves as a transition from childhood to adulthood, this fraternity teaches young men the skills and characteristics needed to be self-sufficient.

  • We exercise etiquette, courtesy, and respect in our relationships and help students network with others, for friendships lay the foundation for professional connections.

  • Classes, sports, and activities all provide practice in both impartiality and superiority, which are necessary in the competitive nature of life.

  • Temperate living, pertaining to many aspects of life, allows us to enjoy wholesome lives while maintaining success and respect amongst our associates.

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