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Modern Living

Live in Style

Modern, innovative, stylish, apartment-style amenities. Why settle for less when you can have it all?

The future of the Gamma Chapter of Alpha Gamma Sigma is bright. We have a strong Active membership, an engaged and successful Alumni Association, and a legacy of leadership and involvement on both of UNL's campuses and in the Lincoln community. In contrast with this bright future is the current state of our chapter house. In order to continue moving forward as a chapter, it is time to move our physical property forward as well. 

AGS was the first fraternity at UNL to offer apartment-style living and for years has been the envy of other fraternities and on-campus housing; we have been the standard to which other fraternities have built their new houses to. We are taking this innovative and creative thinking into our plans for the future of our physical space. 

We aren't settling for a new physical space that only looks nice from the outside with a few impressive rooms. While our new space will have those, we are also pushing further. The individual space each active member will enjoy, combined with the finishes and amenities in each room, will be unlike anything on UNL's campus. 

At Alpha Gamma Sigma's new physical space, you'll live in style with guys like you. The amenities you'll enjoy are the best of any fraternity on campus: 

  • Apartment-style floor plans.
  • Individual showers and restrooms.
  • Separate washer/dryer, refrigerator, and microwave in every unit. 
  • Unique queen size bed/loft/study unit. 
  • Privacy and personal space. 

And you'll live with brothers that fit your lifestyle:

  • Values
  • Brotherhood
  • Commitment

Interested? Of course you are. Find out more! 

Grounded In

  • Study groups, intramural teams, and a variety of club involvements are all areas in which we work cohesively to achieve greater heights as a brotherhood.

  • The fraternity provides brothers not in blood, but in bond; countless genuine friendships, which grow into life-long relationships and opportunities.

  • By providing community and accountability, we help our members look after their mental, physical, and spiritual health through college’s many challenges.

  • We believe fairness throughout life is essential to success, which is why we consider this principle to be the pillar of all success.

  • Our Leadership Development Program, offices, committees, and campus involvements help prepare our members to adapt and prosper through life’s challenges.

  • The fraternity provides structure and guidance to young men, teaching them personal responsibility and respect for others.

  • In a society increasingly drawn toward short-term gratification, we teach true integrity through proper conduct and values.

  • Our members invest their resources (time, money, advice, and companionship) into this organization knowing that their efforts contribute to something greater than any individual.

  • We provide a professional environment and a multitude of resources and incentives to produce well-educated and highly-skilled individuals.

  • As college serves as a transition from childhood to adulthood, this fraternity teaches young men the skills and characteristics needed to be self-sufficient.

  • We exercise etiquette, courtesy, and respect in our relationships and help students network with others, for friendships lay the foundation for professional connections.

  • Classes, sports, and activities all provide practice in both impartiality and superiority, which are necessary in the competitive nature of life.

  • Temperate living, pertaining to many aspects of life, allows us to enjoy wholesome lives while maintaining success and respect amongst our associates.

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